CLUB reopens 5 January 2021

The club will reopen from Tuesday 5th January 2021 to fully paid-up members only.
Limited numbers per session and only pre-booked in members can attend.  

Notice to all members (Updated 2/01/2020)

To the Members of the Mordialloc Lapidary Club, Inc.  

Dear Members,

Season's Greetings to you ALL, I hope this letter finds you all well and enjoying the warmer weather. I know it has been a long and trying year and you are all anxious to get back to the club and get busy again in our engrossing hobby. And, while we have been enjoying more freedoms the last few weeks, large gatherings indoors still pose some problems and the 1.5 meter distancing rule still apply.

The committee and I had another meeting this week to discuss the new Covid Safe Restrictions and how they apply to our club. And also the results of an evening Kimberley and I spent at the Dandenong Club learning about the measures they have put in place, after over 100 hour of research, in compliance to the current Covid restrictions. While our clubs serve a similar function , we are not the same and all measures must be tailored to suit our club.

We also needed to discuss the rescheduling of the AGM, the servicing needs of some of our equipment and the replacement of the roof over the Jewellery room. The results of which I will now share with you.

Reopening Safely

Unfortunately, we need to put a lot of measures in place, before we can reopen. These include but are not restricted to, measuring up the club to determine how many members can be working in each room at one time, closing of some of the equipment to ensure proper distancing, signage up everywhere around the club, ensuring proper sanitising facilities are available to every attendee and getting a booking website up and running properly to enable members to book a spot at a workshop. We also need to have the roof replacement done and arrange to get the equipment serviced, now that the gentlemen involved are able to travel to us again.  In light of this the Committee decided to get all this work done while the club is still closed and reopen for members from the first workshop in January 2021, which will be on Tuesday 5th January 2021. We are also discussing having an extra session on a Saturday or Sunday to enable more members to participate, provided we have enough Duty Officers to cover these sessions. This will be confirmed once we see how things go after the reopening.

Due to our member numbers, number restrictions and to ensure everyone has a chance to attend we need to have a booking system. Numbers will be limited to 15 members only at any one session. All Member must have subscription fully paid to book into sessions.  

Fees were due on the 1st November 2020. Adults $40.00, 2 Adult Members at the same address $70.00, Juniors $25.00.

The numbers for each area are:  6 in the rock work shop, 1 in the saw room (people booked in the rock workshop can use the saw room one at a time), 5 in the jewellery room, 2 in the faceting room, only one in the kitchen at a time and up to 2 in the office (at need). Members will only be able to use the room they are booked into (except for the rock shop / saw room). So you must book into use either the Rock room, Jewellery room or the Faceting room only in any one session. At the start members will only be able to book into one (1) session a week, so that the most members can participate. This will be adjusted as we go along and the Government restrictions change.

Juniors will need a Parent with them but that Parent will also need to book a place in the workshop to ensure we don't exceed  the maximum members in the workshop.

All members would be expected to stay till the finish of each session and help clean and sanitise the facilities, it cannot be left to the Duty Officer alone. The Duty Officer will act as our Covid Monitor at each session.

Due to the 1.5 meter distancing requirement, we will not be able to hold classes or teach new members to safely use our equipment,  to ensure the safety on the members and of our equipment. So until further notice there will be no classes, teacher or new members. Face masks are mandatory in the clubrooms, except while eating or drinking and there will be no designated tea break.

Covid  Safe Plan

A copy of all the Covid Plan will be attached to this letter for all members to be made aware of the requirements for attending the clubrooms until restriction are changed or  lifted. You will be expected to agree to all requirements of the plan and to sign the  Government required attendance sheet and be temperature checked  before  you will be allowed into the clubrooms.


The delayed AGM has been rescheduled to the 13th February 2021. So I hereby ask all interested parties to complete the Committee Nomination Form and / or Proxy Form  (sent out with the last letter) and return them to the club either by hand or by email as soon as possible. Unfortunately the mail seems to be rather haphazard at the moment and not to be trusted to be delivered on time or at all in some cases.

From myself and the rest of the Committee, we  hope you all enjoy a happy and safe Festive Season and we look forward to seeing you all again in the clubrooms in the New Year.


Kerrie Brown 

The clubrooms remain closed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you are aware of any members who may need to be advised please pass on the message.

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