Notice to all members (Updated 29/05/2020)

In light of the recent changes to the Corona Virus Covid-19 Restrictions, the Committee has discussed the possibility of a limited re-opening of the clubrooms and discussed with the Duty Officers. It has been agreed that while we may have been able to overcome the limitations to the number of members attending a session, there are unfortunately many other conditions imposed by the Government which make a reopening unlikely at this time.

I know this is a disappointment to many who hoped to get back into the clubrooms but we must comply with all regulations and we cannot take the chance of any member getting this disease while attending our clubrooms.

We will, of course, revisit the matter as the situation and restrictions change.

However the cleaning of all equipment, work surfaces, handles on cupboards, bathrooms etc. would take most of the duty officers time, especially on weeknights when the club is only open 2.5 hours.

And due to Social Distancing teachers would be unable to get close enough to the students to be able to actually teach them.

Best wishes for the continued good health of all Members.

Kerrie Brown

The clubrooms remain closed due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

If you are aware of any members who may need to be advised please pass on the message.

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