9th and 10th OCTOBER 2021

 Venue St Brigid's Primary School Hall

129 Albert Street, Mordialloc

Our annual GEMFAIR will be held at the St Brigid's Primary School in Mordialloc (corner of Albert and Chute Streets).

St Brigid's Primary School

Due to the fact that the venue is an operational school, access to the School Hall will be delayed until around the 4pm mark on Friday (8th October).  As a consequence, GEMFAIR setup will be later than previous years.

A roster has been placed on the notice board at the Club.  The duties are broken down into areas, for example, the Slab Stall, Cabochons, General Store, Kitchen etc.  

We are calling for volunteers to select an area that they would like to work in, as well as a timeslot that best suits them.

We will keep you informed of the details surrounding the GEMFAIR as they become available.  So watch this space.