Mordialloc Lapidary Club COVID-19 Safety Rules and Plan

Please ensure you continue to familiarise yourself with the Club's COVID Safety Rules and Plan.  This document can be viewed in its original form and totality through the "Members Only" window.  Although there has been a relaxation of some rules, this document continues to be the backbone of our COVID strategy. 

Remember:  A relaxation of some rules does not mean a relaxation of all rules.   

Your attendance still needs to be recorded 

To avoid any confusion please note that you are still required to register your attendance at the Club upon arrival by using either the QR Code Check-in App or the Club's COVID contact sign in log sheets.  The mandatory requirement is still in place for the Club to have a COVID visitor / attendee management system in force.

What has changed is that you are no longer required to make a booking for a workshop attendance.  Previously you needed to either make a phone booking or book online through Eventbrite.

Although there has been some relaxing of the COVID rules, it is important to remember that social distancing is still in place; as is the need to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene and onsite deep cleaning that we have been carrying out for all these months.   

As rules relax and we try to keep you informed and up-to-date, it can become a bit messy trying to filter out from our COVID Safety Rules and Plan what is no longer a requirement and what continues to be a requirement.  Rule of Thumb:  If in doubt, refer to the Club's COVID-19 Safety Rules and Plan.  

A relaxation of longstanding mandatory rules can take a little time to get our heads around and this might even cause some initial confusion for everyone.  Please bear in mind that if at any time you have questions, then please ask them.  If you have any concerns, then please voice them.  Your immediate onsite contact during a workshop session would be your Duty Officer.