As a volunteer-run Club we are always looking at ways to raise extra revenue which we then use to purchase things like new equipment and/or maintain the equipment that we already have.

As we are fast approaching the end of the year (can you believe it), the Club is putting together a few hampers which will then be raffled off.  
But before we can raffle them off, we need to fill them.

So, we are asking for donations from our Members - donations that would be suitable to go into a holiday season hamper. You know the type of goodies that make these sorts of hampers something special for this time of the year.

We will let you know when ticket sales are happening, but also keep a look out at the Clubrooms.

    Okay, so we still have a few restrictions like mask wearing, but ...... 

                                      WE'RE OPEN, SO WHERE ARE YOU?

Fire destroys Frankston & Peninsula Lapidary Club Premises

It is with shock and disbelief that we report that the Frankston & Peninsula Lapidary Club premises have been destroyed by fire.  Their Clubrooms will be closed until further notice.  Frankston Lapidary website

Destruction of their Clubrooms has not deterred them, however.  The Club is determined to rebuild and get back to normal activities.  

But as we all know, it takes more than grit and determination to rebuild and recover from such a devastating event.  It takes money. 

In order to help raise some of the necessary funds, the Frankston & Peninsula Lapidary Club has set up a 'Go Fund Me' page.   If you would like to make a financial contribution to help the Club with their rebuilding project, then you can click on the GO FUND ME link below and make a donation.  All and any donations will be appreciated.  


The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced a wide-ranging easing of COVID-19 restrictions across Victoria with the State reaching a major vaccination milestone over the weekend of 20th / 21st November 2021.

Density limits are no longer imposed upon the Club which means that there is no longer any need for Members to book a workshop session through EVENTBRITE.

However, until further notice, the following requirements still remain mandatory:
  • You still need to sign in at the Club by means of QR Code or manually writing your attendance in the Attendance Log Sheet.
  • Masks must still be worn at all times.  If, for medical reasons, a mask cannot be worn then notification from a Medical Practitioner will need to be sighted. 
  • Double vaccination is mandatory and you will be asked for proof (this will only be required once).  Proof of double vaccination can be provided with the QR check in.  You will need a hard copy of your Certificate if you do not have a smartphone. You can email us a copy of your certificate so we can have it on file and record your status if this is a better option for you.  We cannot admit you without proof of double vaccination.
  • We would still like you to make use of the sanitizers that are available to you.  Good hygiene is always an ongoing requirement. (But please be mindful that hand sanitizers are nearly always alcohol based, so if you are doing any soldering, please only use soap and water or a soap based handwash.) 
  • We would like you to be financial, so, if you are not, then please speak to us about your Membership.
Workshop opening days and times will remain as per usual for the time being. You will be notified if there is any change.

Thank you all for your ongoing cooperation. 

Workshop opening hours for the Mordialloc Lapidary Club are as follows:  

            Tuesday 7.30pm – 10pm

            Thursday 11am – 3pm   &   7.30pm - 10pm

            Saturday 1pm – 5pm.

    We are desperate for Duty Officers at the Club. If you are prepared to take on this vital role, you will be informed about the duties and shown how they are carried out.  You would only need to be prepared to commit as a Duty Officer once a month.  This commitment would mean a lot to other Duty Officers who are currently doing double and triple shifts.  Duty Officers are essential to the Club's ability to maintain current workshop opening hours.  Without Duty Officers the Club would not be able to open. 


Just a reminder that MLC annual subscriptions fell due on 1st November 2021.

Although the Club has not been open as much as we would like during this dreadful COVID pandemic, the reality is that, as in real life, the bills still keep coming in, eg. building and contents insurance, public liability insurance, rates, gas, electricity etc. all of which continue to be incurred irrespective of whether or not we are open.

We thank you in advance for your payment.

Subscriptions can be paid either by cash to the Duty Officer and you will receive a receipt or by transferring money online to:

Account name:     Mordialloc Lapidary Club Inc.

Club Bank:             BSB: Bendigo Bank 633-000

Account:                 149458523

(Note:  Online payments:  Please record your name or Membership number for identification purposes.)



Given the uncertainty of the current situation with regard to recovering from Lockdown(s) and 'things' returning to normal and all that that involves, it is a little too early to set a definite date for our Annual General Meeting.    However, at this stage, and provided there aren't any setbacks or unforeseen issues, the most likely date will be sometime in February 2022.

We will keep you informed as and when things become more definite.


In the meantime, it is a good opportunity for our Members to consider whether they would like to become part of the Club's Committee and/or Executive.  

We are always grateful to our Members who are prepared to take on any Committee role.  New Committee Members are an enormous asset to a Club such as ours, because as individuals they bring fresh ideas and new talents and experiences along with them.  

The Executive Committee positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasure are all crucial and vital roles.  Nominations for these positions are open for any Member to consider throwing their hat into the ring.

Because we are a 100% volunteer-run Club, we always need people who might like to consider taking on various non-Committee roles around the Club such as Editor of our Monthly Magazine.  We put out 11 magazine issues a year and they are always a good opportunity for keeping the lines of communication open between Members and the Club.  

Have a think about what you feel you can contribute to make your Club even more awesome than what it already is. 



and for early 2022.

Note:  COVID restrictions may affect conditions and requirements of entry, example, proof of double vaccination etc.  Please ensure that you are aware of any restrictions that you may be required to comply with.

Let us know if there is anything happening in December that might be of interest to our Members and we will post it here ..................


15 - 16 January - Warrnambool Gem Show Sat. 9–5, Sun. 9–4.   NEW LOCATION: O.L.H.C. Primary School Hall, 2 Selby Rd, Warrnambool Email: or Ph: Helen 0438289620 

19 - 20 February - The Bendigo Gem Club Expo - Baptist Church, 757 Mc Ivor Highway, Junortoun, Victoria. Enquiries:

12 - 13 March - The Combined Victorian Gem Clubs Show to be held at The Hungarian Community Centre. 760 Boronia Road, Wantirna.

15 – 19 April - GEMBOREE® 2022 – Australian Rural Education Centre (AREC) Mudgee, NSW.

28 – 29 May - The Essendon Gem and Lapidary Club will be holding its gem show at a venue TBA – go to 

14 – 16 October - National Show of the NANZRMC, hosted by the Canterbury Mineral and Lapidary Club at The Woolston Club, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

22 - 23 October South Gippsland Gemstone & Lapidary Club Gem Show. Location:  Meeniyan Hall, 97 Whitelaw St, Meeniyan VIC 3956.  Contact: Chris Rump 0439 622105. Email. 


14 – 18 April 2023 - GEMBOREE® 2023 – QLD, Hosted by QLACCA..

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